Права человека и права коренных народов в системе ООН
Los derechos humanos de Las Naciones Unidas y los derechos de los pueblos indígenas
UNDRIP for Indigenous adolescents
Tove Skutnabb-Kangas and Robert Dunbar
Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil,
political, economic, social and cultural rights,
including the right to development
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous
peoples, James Anaya
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human
rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people
State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

News records

22.03.2006 OAS calls for prompt approval of the declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples
22.03.2006 Don`t sell "suicide seeds", activists warn
21.03.2006 Curitiba, an indigenous conference
19.03.2006 Negotiations on declaration of rights of indigenous peoples to continue in Brasilia
19.03.2006 Nepal tribes to raise own flag in Geneva
19.03.2006 New UN human rights council to end paralysis
19.03.2006 Biosafety protocol alive, but restricted
19.03.2006 Activists, global forum do not see eye to eye
17.03.2006 Montagnards tortured for refusing to worship Ho Chi Minh
17.03.2006 Western Shoshone struggle earns world recognition
16.03.2006 Ice retreats in Arctic for 2nd year; some fear most of it will vanish
16.03.2006 U.N. creates new human rights watchdog over U.S. opposition
16.03.2006 Dying for firewood
16.03.2006 Activists share reservations about global forum
15.03.2006 Mackenzie Valley faces law suit
15.03.2006 Ecuador indigenous protest free trade agreement with U.S.
15.03.2006 Brazil to press for global biodiversity regime
15.03.2006 States calculate global warming pricetag
14.03.2006 B.C. totem-pole saga has Swede ending
14.03.2006 Shorter lives trouble poorest countries
14.03.2006 Analysts, online bettors put money on leftist candidate in Mexico
14.03.2006 Elections tilt legislature further to the right in Colombia
14.03.2006 Pipeline rupture prompts "overdue" audit
13.03.2006 UN panel condemns Botswana government over Bushman evictions
13.03.2006 Native women`s advocate to push police to reopen unsolved cases in Canada
12.03.2006 Moving inaugural ceremony for Chile`s first female president
11.03.2006 U.S. isolated in opposing new human rights body
11.03.2006 Agroecology gaining ground
10.03.2006 Social movements call for "new agrarian reform"
09.03.2006 Rural women protest against pulpwood plantations
09.03.2006 Government takes up challenge of land reform
08.03.2006 The `original` speak out, in their language
08.03.2006 Government criticised as overly lax towards pipeline leaks
04.03.2006 Satellites uncover Mayan secrets
03.03.2006 Rights of isolated indigenous communities violated by Amazon Pipeline
02.03.2006 Papuans set for showdown with US gold miner
02.03.2006 Rainforest thrown open to illicit logging in Papua New Guinea
02.03.2006 Bill would reserve quotas for blacks and indigenous students in Brazil
01.03.2006 Mapuche political party to pursue autonomy in Chile
01.03.2006 Bank rejects rapid review of controversial pipeline
01.03.2006 U.N. drug agency eyes Bolivian policy on coca
01.03.2006 COLOMBIA: Government and rebels to continue exploratory talks in Havana
01.03.2006 U.S. threatens `no` vote on human rights council
25.02.2006 Morales treads fine line on coca
25.02.2006 Shoddy work plagues major Peru gas project
24.02.2006 Truku tribe amend autonomy law to include gender equality in Taiwan
24.02.2006 U.S. rejects evidence of genocide in Darfur, Sudan
24.02.2006 Dajo and Masalit targeted by Chadian and Sudanese militia
24.02.2006 Morales seeks to secure indigenous participation in new Bolivian government
24.02.2006 Consensus near on permanent U.N. rights body
24.02.2006 Indigenous exclusion continues in Brazil
24.02.2006 Stakes are high as miners and natives square off
23.02.2006 Logging case put on hold in B.C.
23.02.2006 Unmarked graves across the U.S. border
23.02.2006 India caught unready for bird flu
23.02.2006 South American mega-pipeline - costly and controversial
23.02.2006 World Bank`s new social standards slippery to enforce
22.02.2006 Indigenous children in Chile torn between farm work and homework
22.02.2006 ‘Dirty war` allegations cast shadow on nationalist candidate in Peru
18.02.2006 Government claims a stake in mining
18.02.2006 Poor especially vulnerable to electoral fraud
16.02.2006 New demands for return of Aztec headdress from Austria
09.02.2006 Canadian court faces key decision on "aboriginal title"
08.02.2006 Indigenous Guaraní unite in South America
07.02.2006 First challenges for new Bolivian president
07.02.2006 Rains no longer a blessing in Java
07.02.2006 The Sami People`s Day celebrated Monday
06.02.2006 Indigenous Sentinelese kill invaders
04.02.2006 As tribal leaders, women still fight old views
03.02.2006 Oil and two ways of life in Alaska
03.02.2006 Indigenous peoples fight for their rights
03.02.2006 Mapuche leader denied bail, awaits trial
03.02.2006 Montana tribes dispute over rejected donation
03.02.2006 Tribes unite to preserve sacred sites in California
03.02.2006 Militant Ijaw group releases hostages after 19 day standoff in Nigeria
03.02.2006 Ghana’s government to intervene in conflict with Fulani herdsmen
03.02.2006 New product creates economic opportunity for coca growers
03.02.2006 Aboriginal leader demands return of political painting
03.02.2006 Landless threaten siege of Delhi
02.02.2006 Karens isolated in Burma but fight for autonomy stays
01.02.2006 Prominent journalists and Survival launch new campaign against racism in the media
01.02.2006 Australian Govt closes stolen wages fund
31.01.2006 WORLD SOCIAL FORUM: It all boils down to politics
30.01.2006 ENERGY-CAMEROON: A dam good idea, or a bad one?
30.01.2006 WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: Alternative approaches to water management
29.01.2006 Aboriginal takes over Australian Labor Party presidency
29.01.2006 Cordillera indigenous groups fear land loss
29.01.2006 Honduran indigenous mobe deferred
29.01.2006 Melting ice starts rush for Arctic resources
29.01.2006 The business of legal coca
29.01.2006 Drug mafia-style executions a daily event
29.01.2006 Growing alarm over mining boom
28.01.2006 Minister identifies with new indigenous portfolio
28.01.2006 Arctic summer in Arctic wintertime
28.01.2006 Arctic Ocean ice surges onto Alaskan shore
28.01.2006 Indigenous demonstrators protest coal mining
28.01.2006 Few takers for King`s peace plan
28.01.2006 Chilean ecologists divided on Bachelet
27.01.2006 Shosone native group takes US land dispute to UN
27.01.2006 `War on Terror` causes exodus from tribal areas in Pakistan