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State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

News records

14.10.2008 BOLIVIA: Morales Leads March for New Constitution
14.10.2008 PARAGUAY: Rally Clashes with Aid for Drought Victims
13.10.2008 RELIGION-INDIA: Canonisation Takes More Than Miracles
12.10.2008 Indian Women Changing Bolivia
12.10.2008 CANADA: U.S. Taps Canada´s Oil Sands
12.10.2008 RUSSIA: Medvedev in Murmansk to Monitor Northern Fleet Exercise
11.10.2008 PARAGUAY: Uncontacted Tribe’s Land Destroyed
11.10.2008 DEVELOPMENT: Overdue Award Goes to the Right Man
11.10.2008 CENTRAL AMERICA: Garífunas Confront Their Own Decline
11.10.2008 AFRICA: Research and Tradition Could Save Environment
11.10.2008 Ontario Ignoring Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Mining Act Changes
11.10.2008 GUATEMALA: Indigenous Leaders Attend Latam Forum
11.10.2008 CHILE: Mining Threathens Indigenous Community In Desert Oasis
10.10.2008 AUSTRALIA: Blind Indigenous Singer Won Many Awards
10.10.2008 Special Rapporteur Anaya’s first report to the UN Human Rights Council
10.10.2008 AUSTRALIA, LEX WOTTON TRIAL: Police Held Pregnant Woman in Custody
10.10.2008 KENYA: Predicting Weather With Science and Spider Webs
10.10.2008 CHILE: Native Community in Desert Oasis Threatened by Mines
09.10.2008 POLITICS-BOLIVIA: Back to the Trenches
08.10.2008 Morales: Bolivia Should not Fear US ´Blockade´
08.10.2008 SAMOA: Pacific Climate Change Focus on Challenges
08.10.2008 ENERGY: Governments Must Lead on Renewables, says Shell CEO
08.10.2008 MALAYSIA: Emerging Trend in Trafficking Tribal Women
08.10.2008 ENVIRONMENT: To Build a School, Save the Hippo
08.10.2008 MEXICO: Police Arrested for Killing Indigenous Protesters
07.10.2008 Read all The Proposals from Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
07.10.2008 NEW ZEALAND: Tau Gagana Tokelau goes live
07.10.2008 FINLAND: Editor Fired - A New Newspaper Scandal
07.10.2008 ENVIRONMENT-KENYA: Threat to Pastoralists´ Way of Life
07.10.2008 PERU: Native Groups Hemmed in by Coca Threat
07.10.2008 CANADA: Inuit Films Honoured in Festival
07.10.2008 PERU: Energy Minister Quits in Oil Scandal
06.10.2008 GLOBAL INDIGENOUS: Focus on Education
06.10.2008 AUSTRALIA -- High Court Reserves Decision as NT Intervention Case Winds Up
06.10.2008 MALAYSIA: Government to Investigate Sexual Abuse
06.10.2008 PERU: Uncontacted Tribes Report is Delayed
06.10.2008 OBAMA: "Subsidising Big Oil Makes No Sense"
06.10.2008 EAST TIMOR: Int´l Peacekeepers Not Key to Stability
06.10.2008 USA: New Casino Opens in Alabama
06.10.2008 AUSTRALIA: Uranium Mine A Step Closer to Confrontation
05.10.2008 CANADA: Vigil for Aboriginal Women Mixes Tears and Hope
04.10.2008 BOLIVIA: Water, Energy Everywhere - But Not for Locals
04.10.2008 PHILIPPINES: Lumads Resist Inclusion In BJE
04.10.2008 ECUADOR: Exit Polls Show Strong Support for New Constitution
04.10.2008 GUATEMALA: Lachuá, a Corner of the Jungle Resists
04.10.2008 MALAYSIA: Murum Dam - Public Funds for Corporate Profit?
01.10.2008 SÁPMI: Henriksen Leader of The Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
01.10.2008 MEXICO: Marching On the Capital
01.10.2008 NORWAY: Huge Cost Threatens Plans For Winter Olympics in Tromsø
01.10.2008 MALAYSIA: Cheap Power From Dams Costs Too Much, Critics Say
01.10.2008 Canada Opposes Alaska Refuge Oil Drilling
30.09.2008 NUNAVUT: Candidates Hard to Come in Territorial Election
30.09.2008 USA: Alaska Natives Question Palin´s Support
30.09.2008 POLITICS-ZIMBABWE: Now To Share Power With Women
30.09.2008 ECUADOR: Correa May Cancel Payment of Some "Illegitimate" Debt
29.09.2008 BRAZIL: Arrows Confirm Uncontacted Tribe’s Flight Across Border
29.09.2008 ECUADOR: Exit Polls Show Strong Support for New Constitution
29.09.2008 AUSTRALIA: Mayor Calls for Alcohol Ban
29.09.2008 SWAZILAND: Torn Social Fabric Leaves Many Exposed
29.09.2008 FIJI ELECTIONS: Leader Tells UN That Elections Must Be Delayed
28.09.2008 GUATEMALA: Lachuá, a Corner of the Jungle Resists
28.09.2008 BRAZIL: Opposition to Guarani Land Rights Intensifies
27.09.2008 AUSTRALIA: Boomerang Won´t Come Back Soon
27.09.2008 MALAYSIA: Murum Dam - Public Funds for Corporate Profit?
27.09.2008 MALAYSIA: Power-Surplus Sarawak Funds Another New Dam
27.09.2008 DEVELOPMENT-TANZANIA: Lighting Up Women´s Lives
27.09.2008 JAPAN: Minister Apologizes
27.09.2008 CANADA: Natives Accuse Bank of Loan Discrimination
27.09.2008 GREENLAND: Inuits Blast EU Plans to Ban Seal Skin Sales
26.09.2008 USA: Story From a Chief Grandma
26.09.2008 ALASKA: Violence Postbones Morales´ Historic Alaska Visit
26.09.2008 INDIGENOUS HEALTH: Serious Meningitis in Arkhangelsk
26.09.2008 SWEDEN: Sami Community Demands Wind Power Profits
26.09.2008 ARCTIC REGION: High North on American Election Agenda
26.09.2008 MALAYSIA: Race Relations Act Will Change Little - Critics
25.09.2008 Chile has Now Ratified ILO Convention 169
25.09.2008 Australia: Indigenous Youth More Likely to Die than Non-Indigenous
25.09.2008 BOLIVIA: Morales Cites "Evidence" of U.S. Meddling
25.09.2008 BRAZIL: Amazon Art Institute Helps Recover Indigenous Roots
25.09.2008 CANADA: Ministers Want to Improve Indigenous Education
25.09.2008 NEW ZEALAND: Maori Win Record Land Claim
24.09.2008 DEVELOPMENT: Poverty Reduction Claims Under Scrutiny
24.09.2008 MEDIA: Lula a "Tireless Advocate" for the Poor and Landless
24.09.2008 CLIMATE CHANGE: Andean Farmers Yearn for Warmer Climate
24.09.2008 LATIN AMERICA: Native Groups Express Solidarity with Bolivian Leader
24.09.2008 RUSSIA: Gazprom and Yamal-Nenets Area Sign Cooperation Agreement
24.09.2008 NEW ZEALAND: Mapping of The Past
24.09.2008 CANADA: Crystal Shawanda, Eagle & Hawk top nominees for Aboriginal Music Awards
24.09.2008 INDIGENOUS HEALTH: Stroke Prevalence Higher, Deadlier Among American Indians
24.09.2008 BOLIVIA: Morales Slams U.S. at UN
22.09.2008 INDIGENOUS SPORTS: Cathy Goes for Good Health
22.09.2008 UN DECLARATION: Increasing Frustration over Govt. Failure in Australia
22.09.2008 AUSTRALIA: Lennon helps Whaledreamers
22.09.2008 INDIGENOUS MEDIA: General Election From Maori Perspective
22.09.2008 CANADA: Violence Again Women Ongoing Problem
21.09.2008 INDIA/AUSTRALIA: Sticking to Uranium Export Ban - For Now
21.09.2008 Warhol Picasso Portrait and Indigenous Art on Auction
21.09.2008 CANADA Indigenous Issues Missing From Election Campaign
20.09.2008 INDIGENOUS HEALTH: The mystery of MS
20.09.2008 Maori a ´model of success´ for Alaska