Права человека и права коренных народов в системе ООН
Los derechos humanos de Las Naciones Unidas y los derechos de los pueblos indígenas
UNDRIP for Indigenous adolescents
Tove Skutnabb-Kangas and Robert Dunbar
Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil,
political, economic, social and cultural rights,
including the right to development
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous
peoples, James Anaya
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human
rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people
State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

News records

13.01.2010 CHILE: President Apologises over Treatment of Indigenous People
12.01.2010 RIGHTS-GUATEMALA: Naming the "Disappeared"
11.01.2010 AGRICULTURE: Three-Quarters of Hungry Are Rural Poor
11.01.2010 MALAYSIA: Religious Intolerance Threatens Secular Foundation
08.01.2010 BOLIVIA: Evo Morales, the Best Ally of the Middle Class
07.01.2010 US-MEXICO: Humanitarian Aid Criminalised at the Border
06.01.2010 THAILAND: With Hmong Expulsion, Army Asserts Foreign Policy Role
06.01.2010 DEVELOPMENT-FIJI: Amid Economic Slump, Children Face Bleak Future
05.01.2010 CANADA: B.C. Protesters Demand Inquiry into Missing Aboriginal Women
05.01.2010 POLITICS-NEPAL: Parties at Odds, Peace at Risk
04.01.2010 COLOMBIA: Women Empowered by Restoring Desertified Land
04.01.2010 TURKEY: Peace May Come to Pass in 2010
03.01.2010 BURMA: China’s Oil, Gas Pipelines Recipe for Abuse, Warn Activists
29.12.2009 RIGHTS : Thailand Deports Hmong Asylum Seekers to Laos
24.12.2009 GUATEMALA: Lynching, Another Face of Impunity
23.12.2009 BOLIVIA: Indigenous People Take First Steps Towards Self-Government
23.12.2009 SOUTH AMERICA: New Map Outlines Guaraní Territory
23.12.2009 ZAMBIA: Let our Chiefs Govern
23.12.2009 COLOMBIA: Chicha, Fashionable Survivor
20.12.2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: Getting Ready for Mexico
20.12.2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: History Was Not Made
17.12.2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: Chávez, Morales Lash Out at Wealthy North
16.12.2009 A Landmark Legal Opinion Finds that Amazon Tribe Owns Carbon Rights
16.12.2009 Climate Change Threatens Livelihood of East Africa’s Largest Pastoralist Community
16.12.2009 USA: Shell Oil Beaufort Sea Drilling Plans Challenged
16.12.2009 CULTURE-TURKEY: Kurdish Directors Make ´National´ Cinema
15.12.2009 UN: Top Official Stresses Need for Internet Multilingualism to Bridge Digital Divide
14.12.2009 INDIA: Hundreds of Languages Struggle to Survive
14.12.2009 NEW ZEALAND: Government Approves Flying Maori Flag
13.12.2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: Scientists Turn to Inuit for Clues
13.12.2009 ARGENTINA: Solar Villages Light Up the Andes
12.12.2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: Bringing the Rainforest to Copenhagen
12.12.2009 INDIGENOUS PEOPLE: Obama’s $3B Settlement Not Enough?
12.12.2009 RIGHTS-GUATEMALA: Army Records Spur Hopes for Justice
11.12.2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: Latin American Women Want Modified Trade Rules
09.12.2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: No Closed Doors at Parallel Summit
07.12.2009 BOLIVIA: Morales Calls for Unity after Landslide Victory
07.12.2009 BRAZIL: Plea for UNESCO to Witness Uncontacted Tribe’s Forest Destruction
07.12.2009 BOLIVIA: Morales Re-Elected in Landslide Win
07.12.2009 AUSTRALIA: UN Rapporteur Urges to Close Detention Facility
06.12.2009 RIGHTS-TURKEY: Jailing Kurdish Children to Undermine Dissent
06.12.2009 U.S.: "We All Breathe the Same Air and Drink the Same Water"
05.12.2009 MEDIA-ARGENTINA: Fighting Stereotypes of Slums ´From the Inside´
04.12.2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: "We Are a Harbinger of What Is to Come"
04.12.2009 AUSTRALIA: Aboriginals on the Margins of the Australian Society: UN Rapporteur
03.12.2009 PARAGUAY: Migrants Mainly Young Undocumented Guaraní-Speakers
03.12.2009 BOLIVIA: Assassination Plot Claim Puts Morales in the Driving Seat
03.12.2009 PERU: Women Workers Forced into Informal Economy
02.12.2009 ENVIRONMENT: Tree Plantations Are Not Forests, Women Activists Say
01.12.2009 MEDIA-LATIN AMERICA: Women Deserve Better Press
30.11.2009 Leadership training for the Nicobari
30.11.2009 MEXICO: Indigenous Leader Assassinated in Chiapas
30.11.2009 MALAYSIA: Borneo Natives Proclaim Tropical Forest Reserve
30.11.2009 BRAZIL: UNESCO Biosphere Bulldozed by Ranchers
30.11.2009 ELECTIONS-URUGUAY: Landslide Victory for Former Guerrilla
30.11.2009 MALAYSIA: State of Sarawak Forests: Gov’t Agency Stands by Report
29.11.2009 EDUCATION-US: Social Justice Schools Shape New Wave of Activists
28.11.2009 BRAZIL: Development Bank Funds Destructive Projects, Say Activists
27.11.2009 BOLIVIA: Women Clamour for Right to Land
27.11.2009 PHILIPPINES: Hunger Strikers Say No to Red Cross Hospitalization Advice
27.11.2009 BALKANS: Apologising to Sterilised Roma Women - Slovakia´s Turn
27.11.2009 SRI LANKA: The Long Road to Normalcy in War-Ravaged Zones
26.11.2009 TURKEY: NGOs Unite to Demand Say in Human Rights Bill
26.11.2009 PHILIPPINES: Indigenous Organizations Honor Slain Colleagues
26.11.2009 RUSSIA: In Arctic, Global Warming Threatens Traditional Way of Life
26.11.2009 CANADA: 2010 Declared Year of the Inuit
26.11.2009 CANADA: People Know Surprisingly Little about the Inuit: Poll
26.11.2009 USA: Alaska’s Rural Schools Fight Off Extinction
24.11.2009 RUSSIA: 10 Million RUB for Indigenous Peoples
24.11.2009 GUATEMALA: A Tax Code by and for the Oligarchs?
24.11.2009 BOLIVIA: The Credibility of Campaign Promises
23.11.2009 Q&A: ‘MDGs Don’t Recognise Role of Human Rights in Poverty Fight’
22.11.2009 AUSTRALIA: Wait over to Establish Indigenous Body
22.11.2009 PERU: Fighting Hunger with Native Crops
21.11.2009 CHILE: Mapuche Detainees Say They Were Framed
19.11.2009 ENVIRONMENT: Listen to the Earth, Say Indigenous Peoples
18.11.2009 SRI LANKA: Plans to Release Tamils ‘Nothing But a Political Ploy’
18.11.2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: Small Islands Fear Going the Way of Atlantis
18.11.2009 AUSTRALIA: Thudgari People Win Native Title Rights
17.11.2009 PHILIPPINES: Storm-Hit City under Constant Threat of Landslides
17.11.2009 U.S.: Supreme Court Punts on "Redskins" Case
17.11.2009 CHILE: Mapuche Voices from Prison
16.11.2009 CANADA: Inuit Leaders Demand Action at Climate-change Conference
14.11.2009 Afro-Brazilians and Indigenous Groups Face Serious Bias, Says UN Rights Chief
13.11.2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: Signs and Portents of a Hostile New World
12.11.2009 PARAGUAY: Indigenous Women Leaders Buck Discrimination
12.11.2009 MEXICO: Court Rules Canadian Mining Company’s Permit Invalid
12.11.2009 RIGHTS: Iraqi Minorities Dying Over Turf War
12.11.2009 BOTSWANA: Jailed for Saying President ‘Looks Like a Bushman’
12.11.2009 Chittagong Hill Tracts: Demand to Fully Implement Accord
11.11.2009 LATIN-AMERICA: Political Awakening Emboldens Indigenous Peoples
11.11.2009 PARAGUAY: Indigenous Community Threatened by Illegal Eviction and Pesticide Attack
09.11.2009 ENVIRONMENT: ´Temperature Rise Guaranteed, Thanks to Brown Clouds´
08.11.2009 MALAYSIA: Special Cabinet Committee to Address Indigenous Communities Issues
07.11.2009 MEXICO: Women Package the Sweet Taste of Nostalgia
06.11.2009 LATIN AMERICA: Journalistic Prize for Making Poverty News
06.11.2009 BURMA: U.S. Mission’s Meeting with Ethnic Minorities Signals Hope
06.11.2009 NEPAL: Hopes High for Environmental Rights in New Constitution
06.11.2009 CHILE: Mapuches Present President Bachelet with Plan for Ending Conflict
06.11.2009 USA: Obama Pledges New Relationship with Native Americans