Права человека и права коренных народов в системе ООН
Los derechos humanos de Las Naciones Unidas y los derechos de los pueblos indígenas
UNDRIP for Indigenous adolescents
Tove Skutnabb-Kangas and Robert Dunbar
Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil,
political, economic, social and cultural rights,
including the right to development
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous
peoples, James Anaya
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human
rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people
State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

News records

09.11.2010 Summit Host Cancún No Model for Climate Change
09.11.2010 Canada´s Parliament Buckles under Weight of Mining Industry
08.11.2010 Australian PM Proposes Referendum to Recognize Aborigines
07.11.2010 Four Awa Indigenous People Massacred in Colombia
07.11.2010 United States´ Human Rights Record Examined By The United Nations
05.11.2010 Central America Must Be Recognised as Especially Vulnerable
05.11.2010 Congo Leaves Locals Out of Conservation Plans
05.11.2010 Group Says Botswana San People Evicted over Diamonds
04.11.2010 Campaigners Urge Obama to Stop Funding Indonesian Torture of Papuans
04.11.2010 Safeguard Issues Shadow Forests Rescue Plan
03.11.2010 Botswana Diamonds Boycott Launched with Protest at De Beers
03.11.2010 Honduras Has Much to Explain in Human Rights Exam
02.11.2010 An Awakening in Nagoya
01.11.2010 Biodiversity Pact Begins With the Genes
01.11.2010 Special Rapporteur Anaya in First Mission to the Republic of Congo
31.10.2010 Cordillera Solons Call for Indigenous Peoples´ Rights, Development
31.10.2010 Diversity in Remembering the Dead
30.10.2010 First Greenland Premier Jonathan Motzfeldt Dies at 72
30.10.2010 Politicians Reach out for Indigenous People’s Vote Ahead of Tanzania’s Election
30.10.2010 Hunger Strikes Fuelled by Institutional Deafness
29.10.2010 Canada Accepts Reference to UN Declaration - but Continues to Undermine It; Indigenous Delegates
28.10.2010 Journalist and Indigenous Activist Assassinated
27.10.2010 As Tourists Come, Culture Goes
27.10.2010 Native Tourism Businesses Need to Sell Themselves Better
27.10.2010 Indians Demand Answers as Amazon Is Sold
27.10.2010 Indigenous Sengwer Call for Improved Healthcare to Prevent HIV/AIDS
27.10.2010 Tackling Climate Change Could Save Biodiversity
26.10.2010 Hunger Strike Off as Gov´t Agrees to Talks on Native Demands
26.10.2010 Argentine Census to Count Blacks for First Time in a Century
26.10.2010 Documentary Reveals Injustices Endured by Mapuches - and Filmmaker
24.10.2010 Hard to Put a Price-tag on Healthy Rivers
23.10.2010 Indonesia Admits Its Soldiers Appear in Papuan Torture Video
23.10.2010 Migrant Workers in Mexico Left to Hoe Their Own Row
23.10.2010 Uribe and Other Hurdles for Colombia´s Land Law
23.10.2010 Competition for Best Land Access Projects
22.10.2010 Amur Tiger Habitat Threatened by Russian Timber Auctions
22.10.2010 Indigenous Ainu Have Biodiversity Bone to Pick with Host Japan
21.10.2010 Canada Seeks to Drop Indigenous Peoples from New Biodiversity Pact
21.10.2010 Troubled Vedanta Loses Appeal for Controversial Refinery in India
21.10.2010 And Now For Non-Sexist Education
20.10.2010 Shocking Video of Papuan Torture Prompts Calls for Inquiry
20.10.2010 North-South Divide Again Clouds Biodiversity Talks
20.10.2010 Indonesian Brutality in Papua Will Continue, Expert Warns
19.10.2010 Millennium Goals Far Off for Mexico´s Indigenous Population
19.10.2010 Social Justice Commissioner Welcomes Child Protection Approach
19.10.2010 UN Expert Urges Aligning Development With Aspirations Of Indigenous Peoples
19.10.2010 Strong Justice System Needed to Counter Violence: UN
19.10.2010 Land Use Protection Essential to Fight Hunger: UN
19.10.2010 Tribes Press Obama to Back Indigenous Rights Declaration
17.10.2010 Four Years On, No Justice for Atenco Women
17.10.2010 Guatemala Needs to Prepare for Hunger, Experts Warn
17.10.2010 Indigenous Leaders Take Action over Mining Negotiations
17.10.2010 Forests Papua New Guinea Dying in Decades
16.10.2010 Women Sterilised Against Their Will Seek Justice, Again
16.10.2010 U.S. Weighs Endorsing Indigenous Rights Declaration
15.10.2010 Biodiversity Conservation Is Vital in the Fight against Poverty and Climate Change
15.10.2010 Group Says Peru Pipeline Will Harm Indians
14.10.2010 Battle Over Indigenous Groups’ Land Rights Shaping Up
14.10.2010 The Yin and Yang of Climate Extremes
14.10.2010 Cornered Bedouin Play the Border Card
13.10.2010 El Salvador’s President Apologizes to Indigenous Peoples
13.10.2010 World Bank Pressured over Record Fossil Fuels Lending
12.10.2010 Guatemala to Investigate Human Experimentation by U.S. Doctors
12.10.2010 Climate Change Could Lead to Arctic Conflict, Warns Senior Nato Commander
11.10.2010 Bolivia Passes Law Against Racism And All Forms Of Discrimination
11.10.2010 Private Sector Gives Way Under Government´s Public Push
10.10.2010 Social Movements to Go Ahead with Int´l Meetings Despite Crisis
10.10.2010 Some Mapuche Prisoners Agree to End Hunger Strike
08.10.2010 Chinese Dissident Liu Wins Nobel Peace Prize
07.10.2010 Air Force and Navy Reluctantly Backed President
07.10.2010 Deaf Ecuadoreans Stand Up for Identity, Rights
06.10.2010 Chávez Revving Up Revolution with Land Takeovers
06.10.2010 Native Women Raped by Soldiers Find Justice at Regional Court
06.10.2010 Australian State Gov´t Returns Land to Indigenous Owners
04.10.2010 "No Sentence Will Bring Them Back to Life"
04.10.2010 Land Reform, a Top Priority of New Colombian Government
04.10.2010 Himalayas Unsettled by Melting Glaciers, More Avalanches
03.10.2010 Lessons from Honduras
03.10.2010 Who Pays to Deny Climate Change
02.10.2010 Women Farmers Dream in Organic Flavours of Coffee
02.10.2010 Ban Welcomes Resumption of Talks with Chilean Indigenous Hunger Strikers
02.10.2010 Human Rights Council Extends Mandate of the Special-Rapporteur of Indigenous Peoples´ Rights
01.10.2010 The President "Is Going to Pay for What He´s Done"
01.10.2010 Police Mutiny Threatens Democracy
30.09.2010 Society´s Incomprehension Fuels Mapuche Hunger Strike
30.09.2010 James Cameron Vows to Help First Nations in Alberta´s Tar Sands Fight for Basic Rights
29.09.2010 Kenyan Court Declines Injunction to Stop Planned Developments in Tana River Delta
29.09.2010 Mapuche and Chilean Activists Demand Repeal of Anti-Terror Laws
29.09.2010 Coca Leaf Sacred to Bolivia Indigenous
28.09.2010 Shell in Row over Brazilian Indian Land Grab
28.09.2010 Cameron Gets His First Look at the Alberta Oilsands
27.09.2010 China Summons Past to Advance Into Africa
27.09.2010 Survival Calls for Boycott of Botswana Tourism
27.09.2010 Bicentennial Nothing to Celebrate, Say Indigenous Peoples
24.09.2010 Indigenous Communities Clash over Land as Impacts of Climate Change Takes Toll
24.09.2010 U.N. Faces Threat of Irrelevancy Amid Big Power Politics
23.09.2010 Arctic Ice in Death Spiral
23.09.2010 Human Rights Council Considers Indigenous Issues: Human Rights Council 15th Session
23.09.2010 $40 Billion for Women and Children, Millions of Lives at Stake
22.09.2010 Dongria Kondh of Niyamgiri: A New Age of People Power