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Los derechos humanos de Las Naciones Unidas y los derechos de los pueblos indígenas
UNDRIP for Indigenous adolescents
Tove Skutnabb-Kangas and Robert Dunbar
Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil,
political, economic, social and cultural rights,
including the right to development
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous
peoples, James Anaya
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human
rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people
State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

News records

30.10.2013 Gáldu- Resource Centre on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 10-year anniversary seminar program
10.10.2013 Gáldu 10-year anniversary seminar
01.07.2013 New website
28.06.2013 Mining Dispute in Colombia Highlights Legislative Disarray
28.06.2013 Vietnamese Grabbing Land from Indigenous M´Nong with Impunity
28.06.2013 Judge Frees Indigenous Human Rights Defender in Chiapas, Mexico
28.06.2013 Are Humans Responsible for the Himalayan Tsunami?
28.06.2013 Government Council Raises Hopes for Improved U.S.-Tribal Relations
28.06.2013 Presidential Hopefuls in Chile Speak Out Against Wilderness Dam
27.06.2013 Q&A: “Pope Francis Will Have to Open Up Church Debate on Burning Issues”
27.06.2013 Locals Risk Their Lives Fighting Mining in Mexico
27.06.2013 Sami Fishing Rights in Norway Fight Inches Forward
27.06.2013 Q&A: Empower Indigenous Women to Assert Their Rights
27.06.2013 Indigenous Amazighs Creating Their Own Spring
27.06.2013 President Obama Executive Order Creates Native American Affairs Council
27.06.2013 Canadian Government Grants Permission for UN Official to Visit Aboriginal Peoples
26.06.2013 Obama Unveils Plan to Circumvent Congress on Climate Change
26.06.2013 U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Voting Rights Provision
26.06.2013 Real Name Registration May Threaten Ethnic Minorities in China
26.06.2013 Harsh Toll of Russian ‘Foreign Agents’ Law
26.06.2013 Indigenous Qom Leaders Ask Pope to Intercede before Argentinian President
26.06.2013 Judge Suspends Case Against Indigenous Leader in Honduras
26.06.2013 Court Turns down Norwegian Police Appeal in Berezhkov Case
25.06.2013 Pope Francis Receives in Audience Argentinian Indigenous Leader
25.06.2013 US Senator: It Is Long Past Time for The Native Hawaiian People to Regain Their Right to Self-Governance
25.06.2013 Indigenous Soliga Tribe’s Forest Rights Upheld in Indian Court
25.06.2013 World Bank Formally Urged to Overhaul ‘Doing Business’ Report
25.06.2013 Global Publics See Climate Change, Financial Issues As Top Threats
25.06.2013 AFN National Chief Press for Treaty Implementation and Claims Reform Driven by First Nations in Canada
24.06.2013 Mining Benefits Fail to ‘Trickle Down’
22.06.2013 Quinault Indian Nation President Calls for Seating of Indigenous Nations in the U.N.
22.06.2013 Peru Lacks Sound State Institutions on Indigenous Issues
22.06.2013 The Unalienable Right to Sovereignty of Puerto Rico
21.06.2013 Preparatory Meeting in Norway Declares Common Position for 2014 World Conference
20.06.2013 Indigenous Peoples Press Argentina to Confront Land Rights, Education and Health Issues
20.06.2013 Fishing Undercuts Kiribati President’s Marine Protection Claims
20.06.2013 Resurgence of Indigenous Identity in the Crossfire in Brazil
20.06.2013 Matsé Tribe Sends Urgent Appeal to Canadian-Colombian Oil Company´s Shareholders
19.06.2013 Court Reprieve for San People Threatened with Eviction from Ancestral Lands
19.06.2013 UN Expert Asked to Investigate Human Rights Violations Caused by Panama´s Barro Blanco Dam
18.06.2013 Leaving Hondurans Gasping for Air
18.06.2013 Rural Mexican Communities Protest Wind Farms
18.06.2013 Millennium Development Goals Fund Boosts Food Security
18.06.2013 Kurds Advance, Into the Unknown
18.06.2013 First Nations Leader Calls on Politicians to Experience Tar Sands Firsthand at 2013 Healing Walk in Canada
18.06.2013 Indigenous Peoples View Chilean Government with Deep Distrust
17.06.2013 Impact of Inequality on Aboriginal People in Canada Documented in New Report
17.06.2013 Adding Billions to the World’s Population
17.06.2013 Ending Hunger Is Possible
17.06.2013 Stealing Gas from the Poor to Power the Rich
17.06.2013 Small Farmers Buffeted by Climate Change
17.06.2013 Meetings with the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples during the 6th Session of EMRIP
16.06.2013 Indigenous Human Rights Defender Freed from Norwegian Jail
14.06.2013 Former RAIPON Vice President Arrested by Norwegian Police
14.06.2013 Preparatory Meeting in Norway Declares Common Position for 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples
14.06.2013 Indigenous Peoples Engulfed in Chittagong Hill Tracts Land Conflict of Bangladesh
14.06.2013 UN Human Rights Experts Welcome OAS Adoption of Key Racism and Discrimination Conventions
14.06.2013 Indigenous Dongria Stand Firm against Vedanta Mine, Call for An End to Harassment
14.06.2013 Indigenous Guarani Man Ambushed and Shot Dead by Ranchers´ Gunmen
12.06.2013 Campaign Group Survival Condemns Steven Pinker’s ‘Brutal Savage’ Myth
12.06.2013 Survivors Reluctant to Testify in New Genocide Trial
12.06.2013 How to Close Latin America’s Rich-Poor Chasm
12.06.2013 U.S., Malaysia Lead Worldwide “Land Grabs”
09.06.2013 Land Grabs Threaten Indigenous San People in Namibia
08.06.2013 World Indigenous Conference Preparations to Begin in Alta
08.06.2013 Indigenous Peoples Recede into the Background
08.06.2013 Brazilian Official in Charge of Indigenous Affairs Resigns over Protests
07.06.2013 Indigenous Tribes Occupying Belo Monte Vow to Continue Resisting Amazon Dams
07.06.2013 Native Americans Back Indigenous Hawaiian Rights
05.06.2013 Isolated Amazon Indigenous Peoples Under Pressure in Ecuador
05.06.2013 UN Spotlights ‘Absurdity’ of Global Food Waste on World Environment Day
05.06.2013 Trucks Arrive to Evict Botswana Indigenous San Despite Government Denials
05.06.2013 Landgrabbing from Indigenous People to Provide Horn of Africa with Electricity
05.06.2013 Brazil Indigenous Peoples Clash with Farmers and Dams Builders: Demand Respect for Ancestral Lands
05.06.2013 Nowhere to Turn for China’s Indigenous Uyghurs
04.06.2013 Saami Council: No Positive Outcomes for Indigenous Peoples in the Barents Region
04.06.2013 Q&A: “The State Does Not Lose Sovereignty If It Respects Indigenous Rights”
04.06.2013 UN Special Rapporteur: Conservation Efforts Should Advance Rights of Indigenous Peoples
03.06.2013 India’s Maoists Are Far From Spent
03.06.2013 Healthcare for Indigenous People in Brazil Is Ailing
03.06.2013 Basic Human Rights Must Be Woven into the Post-2015 Development Agenda, Permanent Forum Experts Stress
03.06.2013 Expert Members Seek Name Change to ‘ UN Permanent Forum on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’
03.06.2013 Progressively Poor Turnout of Member States at Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Worrying, Say Experts, as They Consider Implications, Scope of Work
01.06.2013 Oil Giant Chevron Rejects Shareholder Demands to Explain Record Political Spending
01.06.2013 Five Native American “Champions” Call for Change
01.06.2013 Indigenous People More Than Just Park Rangers
01.06.2013 Q&A: Israel Treats the Bedouin Like “People in a Box”
01.06.2013 Sharing Indigenous Peoples´ Knowledge from All Ends of the Globe
01.06.2013 Botswana Court Suspends San Eviction
01.06.2013 Brazil Police Kills Terena Tribal amid Eviction from Indigenous Land
30.05.2013 When 2015 Comes, ‘We Have to Hit the Ground Running’, Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Development Planning Tells Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
30.05.2013 Vietnamese Authorities Jail Eight Indigenous Montagnards for ‘Undermining National Unity’
30.05.2013 Leaders and Experts: World Conference on Indigenous Peoples Should Bring Critical Voices to Discussions
29.05.2013 Indigenous Peoples ‘Best Guardians of Mother Earth’, Permanent Forum Told as It Heads into Week Two with Spotlight on ‘Must Haves’ for 2014 World Conference
28.05.2013 Guardians of the Land and Sea Meet in Darwin
28.05.2013 Forestry Programmes Bogged Down in Latin America
27.05.2013 Q&A: “I Feel Indigenous No Matter Where I Am and Where I’m Going”
27.05.2013 Advocates Cheer Tightening of Extractives Transparency Standards
27.05.2013 Where Law Enforcement Goes Bad