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Accommodations and food


While travelling in the Sámi Country, you can choose the accommodations according to your needs. There are many possibilities, for a busy business or conference traveller the easiest alternative is a hotel, motel, or different types of bed and breakfast accommodations. If your intentions are fishing, hunting or hiking, different types of camping areas or rented cottages may be more suitable. The types of cottages/cabins vary from wilderness cottages to luxury cottages. For those travelling by car, all the above mentioned possibilities are suitable, but especially those travelling with children should select an alternative offering activities for the children.

For travellers seeking new experiences, there are different programme services, adventure excursions, hiking on horseback, admiring the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) etc. It is worthwhile to ask for different alternatives at your place of stay. Many also offer local delicacies — definitely worth trying.

The Sámi Food Culture

The Sámis` traditional food culture is based very largely on the use of natural nutritional resources. The natural livelihoods have maintained their significance until today and are essential for the continuity of the Sámi culture.

Reindeer husbandry and fishing in particular have been especially significant in shaping Sámi food culture. The Sámi way of life has traditionally been based on the cycle of nature and the annual cycle, so the nations depending on nature for nutrition had to adapt to what nature offered at different times of the year.

The diet of today`s Sámi is composed of both traditional and modern elements. Traditional reindeer meat, fish and berries are still highly appreciated, as are traditional methods and ways of preparation of food. Some well-known Sámi dishes are "kumpukset" -- a type of boiled cakes made of reindeer blood and flour, meat soup and fish soup. Even today, dried or smoked reindeer meat remains a popular delicacy Dried fish is also a speciality.

Modern dishes do not differ from those of mainstream culture, although it is usual to use traditional ingredients to prepare them.

Sámi food culture is worth trying — Take a gourmet excursion to the Sámi Country!