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Getting there

How to Travel to the Sámi Country from Other European Countries

Because the Sámi Country is divided up by four different states, it is easy to get there -- by plane, train, boat, and bus or with your own car. If you travel to Russia, in addition to your passport you should have a visa, which can be applied for at the embassy.

By Plane
It is possible to fly to the Sámi Country using the following airlines: Finnair, SAS(Sweden`s, Norway`s common airline) and Braatens SAFE (Norwegian airline), Air France, British Airways,KLM, Sabena and Swissair daily to Helsinki, Stockholm or Oslo.

By Plane in Finland, Norway and Sweden
From Helsinki, it is easy to get to the Sámi area in Finland by flying to Enontekiö or Ivalo. Bus schedules can be obtained from local bus stations. Information about rental cars can be obtained from local travel agencies.

It is easy to get to the Sámi areas in Norway from Oslo. It is possible to get to Trondheim, Bodö, Evenes, Troms, Alta or Vadso by plane.

From Stockholm in Sweden, it is possible to fly to Östersund in the middle of Sweden or Kiruna in northern Sweden, from where it is a short distance to the different Sámi centres in Sweden. Jokkmokk and Gällivare are but two examples.

By Train
Several trains go through mainland Europe to Scandinavia, offering a comfortable alternative for travelling to Norway, Sweden or Finland. The trains, equipped with sleeping cars, guarantee an enjoyable journey. It is also possible to take your car on the train. If you wish to find out about discount tickets, you can obtain information from your travel agency or directly from the train company in your country.

Information about time schedules can be obtained directly from the information desks at railway stations or the internet from Sweden`s railways SJ, in Norway NSB and in Finland from VR.

By Ship
Several passenger ships sail between Scandinavia and mainland Europe, which are also car ferries.

Silja Line, Viking Line, Color Line, Fjord Line, Hurtigruten

By Bus and Car
If you wish to travel by car and enjoy the landscape, this is made possible by the many car ferries available. You can also drive the whole way by crossing the bridge between Sweden and Denmark. It is also possible to use long-distance bus companies.

Information can be provided for you at the travel agency.

How to Travel in the Sámi Country

Because the Sámi Country is divided by four states, it is necessary to take into account the different connections within the states. These connections work well, but there are less routes going across borders in sparsely populated areas.

By Plane
On the Finnish side of the Sámi area, the are no direct flights between airports, so if you wish to fly from Ivalo to Enontekiö, it is necessary to fly indirectly. These flights are through Finnair. There is about a 30-minute flight from Ivalo to Inari, which is the Sámi administrative centre in Finland.

There are several alternatives from Oslo to the Sámi areas in Norway. If you wish to get to know the Southern Sámi and their culture, you can fly to Trondheim or Steinkjær, which is only a short distance from Snåsa, the Sámi centre of Norway.

The Julev Sámi centre Drag Tysfjord, is near Narvik, from which it is possible to fly to Evenes, the airport serving Narvik and Harstad. Tysfjord is famous for its killer whales, which people from all around come to see.

If you wish to get to know about the northern Sámi, you can fly to Troms, Alta or Lakselv. From Alta, you can quickly get to Kautokeino, where the only Sámi institute of higher education, the Sámi Institute of Higher Education(is located, thus being the other centre of the Sámi on the Norwegian side.

In Sweden, there are a few regular flights in the Sámi area, flown by SAS. You can even fly to Kiruna, where the Sámi Parliament of Sweden is located. It is also possible to fly to other centres, such as e.g. Östersund, the Southern Sámi centre on the Swedish side. The Gaaltije Southern Sámi Museum can be found there.

By Train
In the Sámi Country, there are some railway connections on the Swedish side and some on the Norwegian side. More information about these can be obtained from the Norwegian Railways and the Swedish Railways On the Finnish side, railway connections end in Kemijärvi and Kolari. (The railway connections have been marked on the map.)

By Ship
It is possible to sail along the Norwegian coast to the Russian border in Kirkenes in Hurtigruten. It is also possible to stop at the harbour you wish, get to know the local culture and life, and continue your journey when desired.

By Bus and Car
It is also possible to travel by bus in the Sámi Country. Daily bus transport gives you the option to go to the place of your choice. When travelling by car, you can easily visit different destinations according to your personal schedule.

You can get more information from us or from your travel agency.