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Panama Government Has No Will To Solve Problems, Indigenous Leaders Say
PANAMA CITY -- Ngäbe Bugle chieftan Silvia Carrera, denounced the Panama government on Thursday March 1, as unwilling to talk to the indigenous people on the issue of mining and hydroelectricity development.

Photo: Silvia Carrera, right, elected, indigenous chieftan. Credit: Newsroom Panama.

"They don’t  have the will to solve the problem," she said.  According to Carrera, the indigenous negotiators had to move from their land to the capital for 21 days, to participate in the dialogues and  have had  more than one month on the streets

She said, on Telemtero Report that "We have tried out best best to overcome the crisis we are experiencing,” but  the same attitude was not shown by  the government authorities. 

Carrera said that indigenous leaders are waiting for answers but are "not expecting anything more." President Ricardo Martinelli  is directly responsible for the street prostests in recent days she said "We have given everything we can give.”

Meanwhile, Alberto Montezuma, Coordinator for the Ngäbe Bugle Natural Resources Defense and People's Rights said the government has tried to mislead the people of Panama, and dilute the negotiations taking place in the National Assembly.

The leader mentioned that there are five projects that affect the region Ngäbe Bugle and annexed areas, contrary to what authorities have said.

Montezuma  said that representatives of the government have failed to date, to support the reasons why they cannot cancel the project at Barro Blanco, as requested.

Source: Newsroom Panama

Updated 02.03.2012
Published by: Magne Ove Varsi